Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Suburbs and the Wide world

On way back from Zumo Juice Bar in the Mill Shopping Centre I bumped into Josephine, heavily pregnant, who attends drawing classes at the Tower Reception Centre. We had a good chat about the Tower Arts Club. She will be at the meeting on Monday, if she is not in hospital having her baby, she promises.

Plans are afoot to secure funding for the families to indulge in a little creativity through an Arts Club.

Access Cinema have proven very helpful in supporting the establishment of a film club. It may take some time (a couple of months) to secure permission to show films from the different nations Namibia, Pakistan, Iran, Uganda and so on, the prefered films must also have an agency either here or in the UK in order to be requested. A cumbersome but not completely daunting situation and Josephine really welcomed the idea.

She finds it 'sensible' unlike the cooking arrangements at the Centre - which although they hire in chefs from the residents' country of origin - the menu stays the same! She has lived there for one year and has eaten potatoes every day. I told her she was indeed turning into an Irish woman.

It is her birthday this Sunday.

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