Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Suburbs and the Small World

Met with the Dee a potential designer for the Children's Art publication this morning. The good news is the price seems right - it only remains to haggle over distribution and print runs later.

I am sure the Get Ahead Club will be pleased with the product. Rita's 'Share the Wealth' attitude really underpins the project, I hope it can at least go to each class and each After Schools group in North Clondalkin (will worry about the wider county later) in sufficient quantities to be a useful tool. In addition to the existing art activities it seems likely that we will add in sections on the 'colour wheel' and using digital technology to explore creativity - digital camera & video, computer & printer.

Suburb's and the Small World: It turns out that Dee plays with the Samba School in Tallaght - which i have had the great pleasure of teaching some funky grooves to in the past. They have a DVD of me playing a 64 bar tambourim solo - which they study! Tee hee You guys rock!!

Sambistas and art projects love technology - and intercultural exchange!
West Dublin heart Brazil

Speaking of sambistas.... I must make enquiries about the Clondalkin Youth Samba School.

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